Need Car accessories?

Cabbi holds stock of commonly requested motoring related items with 100s more available on order. Our team have experience on in car electronics, accessories and modifcations.

Security Cameras and Dash Cams

Modern motoring can be dangerous. Taxi driving means lots of miles and because of this the statistical probably of an accident increases. With this in mind Cabbi have worked hard to find the best camera systems that benefit drivers in terms of price and reliability. It is not as relevant to the general public but taxi drivers benefit greatly from an internal facing nightvision, high resolution lense. We have found it challenging to source cameras with this capability but we have a select range suitable for taxi trade applications.

Stereo and In Car Entertainment

There is so much choice in the In Car Entertainment market today. It can be hard to know exactly what you are looking for. Over 70% of Cabbi’s fleet cars and all of the team’s vehicles are fitted with aftermarket stereos. You could simply want to add bluetooth to a car supplied without it or perhaps you want a DVD system, personal Wi-Fi hotspot and a reverse camera. We are here to help and the Cabbi team have a wealth of experience in sourcing and installing aftermarket stereo and entertainment systems. Sadly some manufacturers have embedded important operational controls into their stereo units meaning they cannot be replaced with aftermarket alternatives. There are still options in the form of adapter kits to add bluetooth and DAB to vehicles that suffer from this problem.

Floor mats and seat covers

There’s nothing worse than a set of worn out floor mats and seat covers that are torn and don’t fit properly. Another sad fact is that so many cars still leave the factory without a quality leather interior. If this annoys you as much as it annoys us then you’ll love the range of custom, made to measure floor mats and quality leather seat covers that Cabbi and supply and install. Our floor mats can be supplied in high pile fabric or heavy duty rubber with leatherette edging in various colour options. They made specifically for each vehicle make and model. Your vehicle not on our system? That’s OK! We’ll make you a custom template to your exact specifications. Our leather seat covers are also custom made for each vehicle and have a huge range of colour and stitching options.

Alloy Wheels and Tyres

A well chosen set of alloy wheels can strong improve the look and feel of a car. Because not   We sell a large number of sizes and styles to suit most vehicles. It is worth talking to a member of the team to get some advice on possible options to help you make a decision you will not regret.

Interior accessories and styling

The look and feel of your car from the driver’s seat can make of break your driving experience. At Cabbi we are not only professional driver’s ourselves but we all have project cars that we take great pride in. Making the interior individual and tailored to our preferences is something we understand well. Custom panel sections, phone cradles and various other additions make driving easier and more enjoyable. There are many different designs in vehicles today and one method is not suitable for all vehicles. We recommend coming in for a chat about available products to find out what is best for you individual needs. We, as always, are here to help.

Body Work and Exterior styling

Do you want to stand out from the crowd? Van and car styling can be important to get that perfect look you are after. Alloy wheels do make a big difference but sometimes the little things count too. Whether you are looking for a font bumper extension or just chrome door handles we can help. There are many upgrades you can make at low cost that help improve the look of your vehicle that are 100% reversible should you wish to change them later. Here are just a few options that may be worth considering;

  • De-badging (badge changes)
  • Chrome trim additions
  • bodykits or extensions
  • aftermarket headlight kits
  • colour coding
  • spoilers
  • roof bars
  • side steps

Taxi Trade essentials

There are many accessories that are specific to the taxi industry. Namely items like cash management systems and taxi meters. There are also items that benefit the taxi trade but are also useful to the general public. Customers can choose from a range of new and used taxi meters, cash management systems, dash cams, taxi signs, power systems and stereo upgrades to make their time and work easier and more efficient. Our seat covers and floor mats have a range specifically designed for heavy duty use in the taxi industry.

Vinyl Wrap and Hydrodipping

A quick and effective way to personalise your vehicle is to consider custom coloured or styled interior and exterior pieces. This can be achieved in a 100% reversible way with vinyl wrap. Customers have a vast selection of colours and finishes to choose from to create that individual look. Hydro dipping is another possible option (harder to remove), which allows items to have complex patterns or images. Again, the range of patterns and designs are endless!