Taxi Rental

At Cabbi, we pride ourselves on offering the best service we can. To this end we aim to help drivers through every stage of operating a taxi vehicle. If you need a rental taxi ready to drive we can help. That is not all Cabbi can help with. Many drivers like to operate their own vehicles. Our range of services cater to all requirements;

Rental of Taxi vehicles plated for the Highland region (conditions apply)

We provide rental taxis ready to work in the highland region, there is a diverse fleet of estate, 6 seater and minibus taxis. Vehicles are charged at a set fee per week, prices are based on the size and type. Due to past experiences we have found it better to meet with drivers on an individual basis to allow us to offer the best possible solution. Please contact us to begin an inquiry should you wish to know more about the taxi rental service.

Source of vehicles for personal and taxi use

Cabbi has already helped many drivers get on the road with their new pride and joy! We aim to help more drivers find their perfect taxi or personal car. This can be an all inclusive service where we purchase, taxi prepare and deliver a vehicle or it could be a much more simple approach of locating suitable options. In conclusion, It’s up to you! Contact us to find out more about this.

Taxi preparation on behalf of drivers

It can be a nightmare plating your new taxi, that is why we are here to help. Those who have never been in the trade before find it to be a minefield of legislation and have no idea where to purchase the tools they need to be a taxi driver. What accessories are required for an inspection and how do I get a vehicle inspected? What accessories will make my life as a driver easier? Important questions need answers and we are here to help. We can do it all or simply give you some advice on the best ways forward. Our team have a long history of helping drivers make informed decisions.

Sales of car accessories and items specifically for the taxi trade (e.g taxi meters, cash systems, etc.)

Everyone can benefit from the huge selection of stock and order in items we provide for our customers. Everything from used taxi meters, cash management systems, security cameras, taxi consumables, stereo upgrades (bluetooth, DVD, etc.), custom interior mats and loadliners, replacement interior and exterior panels and various other items. Due to the specialist nature of some of our previous projects, we have been able to find some very talented people to help you get exactly what you are looking for.

Trade-in of ex-taxi vehicles on replacements supplied by us.

Drivers who decide to purchase a new taxi vehicle can be left with a difficult process of disposing of the old vehicle. The higher mileage and stigma can make them hard to sell on. Because of customer feedback on the frustration of selling an ex taxi we decided to offer our help and expertise. We can help drivers by purchasing their old taxi or offering trade-in on a newer model. Please contact us for more information.

We have over 10 taxi vehicles available to support drivers who wish to rent cars all inclusive. Please contact us for further information.